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Technologies applicable to resource management, of both natural and anthropogenic origin, are categorised according to a classification partly based on the following literature and further modified and adapted to match this portal requirements: OECD, 1999 "The Environmental Goods and Services Industry: Manual for Data Collection and Analysis"; ECOTEC, 2002 "Analysis of the EU Eco-Industries, their Employment and Export Potential. A Final Report to DG Environment"; and Brink ten P., 2004 "Eco-industries: What are they? IEEP, presentation at Green Week, Brussels". Only sectoral fields where 'hard' technologies are applicable (or currently being developed) are taken into account, i.e. waste, forestry/agriculture, water, energy. 'Soft' technologies such as nature protection, eco-tourism, and environmental management systems are dealt with under the Envirowindows portal.

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